Monday, February 9, 2015

Mathematical Terms in Different Languages (Pt. 1)

Readers, all both of you, I apologize. Not a whole lot happened this week in terms of math (aside from Project Euler, which is like the fight club of math-CS in that they share a set of rules. NEVER TALK ABOUT PROJECT EULER.) While my fiancé and I usually find something interesting to talk to each other about once a week, I spent the last week (+ two months) moping about job searching and he spent over 7 hours yesterday doing side quests in FFX. So here's a fun fluff piece.

Common mathematical terms in different languages!

(I apologize in advance for my preference of languages using the Roman alphabet. This is in no way meant to suggest that people speaking the following languages have made more significant contributions to math than people speaking languages that are not included, and is instead a side effect of the compiler's inability to read these alphabets, thus preventing error-checking. I'll be happy to add languages if anyone with better language skills wants to help!)

Corrections by fluent speakers are welcome. Note: when a word has multiple meanings, we are looking to specifically choose the one that relates to the mathematical concept.

English Spanish French German Hungarian
Mathematics Matemáticas Mathématiques Mathematik Matematika
Theorem Teorema Théorème Theorem Tétel
Lemma Lema Lemme Lemma Lemma
Corollary Corolario Corollaire Korollar Következmény
Proposition Proposición Proposition Aussage Állítás
Definition Definición Définition Definition Definíció
Proof Demostración Démonstration Beweis Bizonyítás
Open Abierto Ouvert Offene Nyílt
Closed Cerrado Fermé Abgeschlossene Zárt
Continuous Continuo Continu Stetig Folytonos
Differentiable     Derivable Dérivable Differenzierbare Differenciálható
Analytic Analítico Analytique Analytisch *
Integrable Integrable Intégrable Integrierbar Integrálható
Function Función Fonction Funktion Függvény
Set Conjunto Ensemble Menge Halmaz
Space Espacio Espace Raum Tér
Dimension Dimensión Dimension Dimension Dimenzió
Group Grupo Groupe Gruppe Csoport
Finite Finito Fini Endlich Véges
Infinite Infinito Infini Unendlich Végtelen
Countable Numerable Dénombrable Abzählbar Megszámlálható
Uncountable No numerable Non dénombrable  Überabzählbare Megszámlálhatatlan
Polynomial Polinomio Polynôme Polynom Polinom
Calculus Cálculo Calcul Infinitesimalrechnung  Számítás*
Limit Límite Limite Grenzwert Határérték
Series Serie Série Reihe Numerikus sor
Sequence Sucesión Suite Folge Sorozat
Convergent Convergente Convergent Konvergent Konvergens
Divergent Divergente Divergent Divergent Divergens
Derivative Derivado Dérivé Derivat Derivált
Integral Integral Intégrale Integral Integrál

Stay tuned for Part 2, in which another Analysister helps out with Armenian!

(* We aren't sure/can't find a dedicated word.)

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